140th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh Video - By Bruce Crawford Productions

The best documentary ever made on the Battle of Shiloh is now on video. Filmed at Michie,Tennessee April 5,6 & 7 2002. Come and live the Battle of Shiloh with over 3,000 reenactors, blue and gray.

Watch as 62 Confederate cannons bombard the Federals in the Hornets' Nest east of Atlanta, GA.

Never had so many pieces of artillery fired on one position and never had so many men cried for mercy as the fire rained down upon them.

------The Hornets' Nest------
Watch as Union General Prentiss holds off one attack after another. General Prentiss was ordered to hold his ground at all costs. Doing so would buy General Grant the time he needed to form a final defense line in the rear.

March into battle as Col. Randall Gibson and his brave men assault The Hornets' Nest time after time.

Ride with Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest along with 350 Confederate cavalry as they surprise General Sherman at Fallen Timbers.
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