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Reenactment of the 140th Battle of Shiloh Video

Great educational video is what schools, teachers, librarians and history departments are saying about the 140th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh video. So buy a video.

"I am very impressed with the authenticity of the video.
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job."
Thanks again, Mary Ann

"We really like the 140th Battle of Shiloh video and the teacher is really wild about the band that plays the wonderful music. Thanks for rushing it to us and I'll pass the word about the 140th Battle of Shiloh video".
Pam Fazel

"I recently purchased the 140th Battle of Shiloh video and the history department is thrilled".

Maribeth Brooks

"Your video provides nice closeup view of what a battle probably looked like, more realistic than the Hollywood productions. It also provided a lot of good history of the battle.
I thought Abe Lincoln was great. He is as convincing as any I have ever seen in the movies".
Jeffrey Loftus

Music By

The 5th Alabama Infantry Band
Siege at Bridgeport Video To Order the Battle of Shiloh Video Un-Reconstructed Band
The 5th Ababama Band Home Page

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